Retro devoluciones de bits del juego de arcada de la helada por vapor y dispositivos móviles

Congelación was an old Arcade game that was published by Activision back in 1983. Yes, Activision! Boy have they come a long way.

El original Congelación played out a lot like the Frogger series, but the difference in gameplay was that you didn’t just have to cross the road (or river in this case), but you actually had to collect snow and ice to build an igloo to complete the stage, while also collecting fish for food to gain extra score.

The main game consisted of you jumping up and down to hit the floating ice platforms, but jumping on the same platform twice in a row didn’t count towards completing the level, so in order to progress forward you had to jump on different ice platforms. Just to give you an idea about the gameplay, YouTuber Tiago Sierra uploaded about 11 minutes of classic gameplay, so sit down and take a look at some action packed classic gameplay from the past.

Pretty simple right? Well, developer Alex Roger has taken that same concept, but restored it for modern day times in his new game called Frost Bit. The developer has also added a much needed graphics update, as well as a few new features such as characters with special abilities.

El Frost Bit developer has placed some pretty well known faces in the game as well, such as Krabby from Pokemon, Disney’s Nemo, Subzero from mortal Kombat, and The Ice King from Adventure Time with Finn And Jake. There were a few people that were concerned with copyright infringement, but the developer thinks he will be okay since he doesn’t directly call the characters by name and only uses their likeness in pixel-art form. The developer has already made a comment that if they are given trouble with copyright that they will remove them and instead make original characters, so we’ll see how that goes.

As named above, the different characters in Frost Bit will have special abilities that will affect the enemies or levels in different ways, such as, collecting all the fish on the screen. The developer uploaded a gameplay video to showoff the new and improved Frost Bit, Así que tome un vistazo al vídeo que he vinculado a continuación.

As you’ve probably noticed from the above trailer, Frost Bit will also be for mobile iOS and Android, so if you are interested you can visit their página web oficial for further details. For those of you that would like to see the revived classic on Steam, you can head on over to the La página de Greenlight vapor para emitir su voto.


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