Mundos en guerra, Alien Invasion VR presenta una intensa acción vehicular
Mundos en guerra

Muddy Pixel’s alien invasion VR game, Mundos en guerra, is prepping to release into Steam’s Early Access, where the developers have plans on upgrading and improving the title before going into full launch.

Ahead of the game’s Early Access run, Muddy Pixel released a brand new trailer for the game featuring some of the cinematic-quality gameplay and the high-octane combat that players can expect from the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift-compatible title.

I have to say, I’m impressed.

Even more than that, Mundos en guerra isn’t a rail shooter. I know the footage made it look like it was on rails, but according to the Steam page each of the three operable vehicle types can be fully controlled by the player.

It’s kind of impressive how smoothly the vehicles move, but Muddy Pixel did warn on the Steam page that due to the fluid movements that those who are easily susceptible to VR nausea may want to sit this one out.

During the Early Access phase you’ll be able to pilot the flying tank killer, the Apache helicopter, and a gun boat.

Worlds At War - Gunboat

The Early Access rendition will feature three different scenarios to play through, as you attempt to defend your carrier ship from alien attacks.

There’s also a Horde mode for those of you who don’t care about the campaign scenario and just want to endlessly blast down baddies.

During the Early Access, Mundos en guerra will receive more levels, more aircraft, more enemies and weapons.

They have plans on being in Early Access for only a few months before the full version releases.

I’ve never really been all that big on VR titles due to how limited in scope they are and how their playability doesn’t really make effective or entertaining use of the virtual reality gimmick, but at the very least Mundos en guerra looks like an intense shooter, so it does have that going for it.

Usted puede mantener un ojo en Mundos en guerra or learn more about this upcoming VR shooter game by visiting the página de la tienda de vapor.


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